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singer, songwriter, actor, dancer, TV host

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Alexis Santana is currently a TV host for MarTV - a television station with studios in Puerto Vallarta, La Paz, Los Cabos. 

 Alexis will continue to perform his almost hour long "Twerking show" many Saturday nights in 2023 at various venues in Puerto Vallarta to be announced.   

"I am Alexis Santana" To Be Announced soon at a local venue in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  (show last performed in 2021 and updated for 2023 - see show description below)

Other shows available developed exclusively for Alexis include Vicente Fernandez tribute show, Juan Gabriel tribute show, and Joan Sebastian tribute show.  He also has performed an amazing Amy Winehouse in drag on Halloween.  

Alexis is also available for private singing performances, public appearances, and MC events in both English and Spanish.  

This show (I am Alexis Santana) is accompanied by guitarist and will feature songs that highlight different aspects of his life including by Marc Anthony, Vincente Fernandez, Joan Sebastian, Rihanna, The Cranberrys, and others.  The song list is split almost 50/50 between English and Spanish.   All conversations between songs will be in English.  

“I personally invite you to my show to enjoy a great evening of music and conversations about my youth in Puerto Vallarta and how it all has come to shape who I am.  We are all going to do a little singing, dancing, and laughing.  We might even do a little crying.  Gracias from my Corazon.“

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