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Alexis Santana's "day Job" is TV host on MarTV Channel 10 of Puerto Vallarta, La Paz, and Los Cabos. 

His first touch of fame occurred when he was 6 years old and landed a guest role on a Mexican Telenovela.  Over the course of his youth he appeared in 3 additional Telenovelas.  He spent his school years in Vallarta performing in all sorts of plays and singing in many different pageants.  His specialty was singing Mariachi songs.  As he grew older and learned English he started branching out singing American standards and pop songs.  

At the age of 18 after graduating high school Alexis took his suitcase, a few pesos, and a dream of a career in show business to Mexico City.  In the past six years since getting on that bus Alexis has accomplished a great deal.  He spent 2 years performing daily on the number one daytime TV show in Mexico "Enamorandonous."  He also had several guest appearances on other shows.  He also performed in several plays and attended acting school.  

Alexis Santana just finished participation in a new Mexican TV reality show which has been filming the past few months in several  different Mexican cities including Cancun, Playa de Carmen, Mexico City and several locations in Michoacan.  The show is scheduled for release in early 2023.  

When asked what is the most important thing he learned from his experiences in Mexico City he responded:   “In Mexico, fame and being on TV doesn’t necessarily make you rich.”  Reality shows pay you as little as possible.”  I worked my ass off in clothing stores and waiting tables so I could also pay the rent and have the privilege to be on TV.  Covid has badly wounded my acting dreams.  But back here during quarantine in my beloved hometown of Puerto Vallarta I rekindled my love of singing and practiced like crazy - so much so that for my 25th birthday (with the help of family and a producer) I staged a professional concert at a local club which I also had streamed on the internet for old friends (and new) who could not attend in person.  I also have written and composed several songs two of which I have recorded and one I have filmed a full Video on locations right here in Puerto Vallarta.  These may be viewed on my youtube channel.  

Youtube Channel: Alexis Santana Oficial - YouTube

Facebook Alexis Santana TV

Instagram: (in connection to the current reality show Alexis original account was hacked at 95,000 followers ~ any facebook/Instagram employees reading this please help him get it back!!)

New Instagram

Current reality show’s Instagram

Current reality show’s preview video

TikTok:    TikTok de Alexis Santana 🥰💥? (@alexissantanaoficial) | Mira los últimos videos de Alexis Santana 🥰💥? en TikTok

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